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I offer an experience your guest will never forget!

Close Up Shows

Parties, clubs, openings and more! My close up show is fun and exciting for everyone. Using everyday props, cards, coins, ropes, balloons and more your guest will be amazed by impossible illusions they've never seen before.

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Stage Shows

My stage show relies 100% on YOU! I involve my audience with every effect I perform. With new and fresh illusions not seen by many, my hour long show will have you and the rest of the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Corporate Events

Trying to do something new for your office or corporation? Why not give them a magical experience they'll never forget. Either my stage show or close up show, either will be perfect for your employees.

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School Events

I've performed for over 5,000 students all over the East Coast. My magic is not only for adults but children of all ages! Kids, teenagers, and the teachers in charge will go crazy over the magic I perform!

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About Magician Levi Sparkx

I've been performing magic for over 9 years!

My name is Levi Sparkx. I started performing magic the summer before my freshman year of high school. I started out performing simple and cheesy card tricks for my family around the house. Once I gained confidence, I took my cards to school and performed during my lunch period every day and I quickly became known as the guy who did magic.

After high school I gained the status of a “professional magician”. I spent my days making YouTube videos, freelancing for an Australian YouTube channel called Free Magic Live, and performing my close up magic at private parties and events. I wanted to perform on stage more then anything. So, in January 2013 I planned, produced, directed, and sold tickets to my very first live stage show. Of course only close friends and family showed up due to the fact that I forced them to go.

Since 2013 I’ve performed over 200 shows for more than 100 different clients. If you’d like to learn more about me please visit any one of my many social media pages!

We'll hire him again because he captivates the crowd, interacts well with children and adults, and rolls with unexpected scenarios like a true professional.

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